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Tummy Bloated?

Stomach Bloating - a problem bigger than you realize

A bulge on the stomach does not necessarily mean it is caused by fat, bloating can be the real culprit. People having flabby stomachs might have bloating problems without realizing it.

Stomach exercises won't help in such a situation. The people who are generally obese might experience flabby stomach due to bloating as a common cause of bloating is indigestion from eating the wrong foods.
Experiencing discomfort after a meal is also an indicator of bloating. Gas or abdominal pains may indicate food is not being digesting properly and can cause some serious amounts of bloating. If your gut size (particularly your lower abdominal region) changes drastically throughout the day seems to drastically it definitely means bloating.

Syndrome- Irritable Bowel

This is a very common disorder among people. Most of the people write off their discomfort and bloating as gas or indigestion when actually they are experiencing irritable bowel syndrome.
IBS is a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract characterized by abdominal pain, diarrhea, gas, bloating and changes in bowel habits. It is non-life threatening. People suffering from IBS, may have all or some of the above mentioned symptoms. Women make 75 % of the IBS sufferers.
Large meals, on-going stress and emotional upsets, medicines, certain foods such as wheat, chocolate and milk products, and caffeine are the main causes of bloating. Bloating is a curable disease. If you think you have some of the symptoms consult your physician.

Water Is The Best Remedy For Bloating

Water is the best treatment. Drinking enough water throughout the day not only helps with digestion and retards bloating, but it supports many other daily functions.
You can start by drinking one or two glasses of water a day and increases the quantity to the 8 glasses.
If you are concerned about going to washroom too often, then stop worrying. Once your body adjusts to the new patterns your trips will be less frequent. To avoid night trips to washrooms do not drink water after 7 pm.
The best way of making sure you are drinking enough water is to keep two 32 ounce bottles - one at home and one at work (totals 64 ounces which is equivalent to 8 glasses). Drink half of the 1st bottle at home before leaving for work (14 ounces). At work, drink the entire 30 ounces throughout the 6-8-hour day. Then comeback home and drink the remaining 14 ounces left in the bottle.

How Chewing Gum Works in Bloating

Chewing gums can cause bloating as gums contain artificial sweetener, that body finds unable to break down thus causing gas.
Even chewing the gums, that have less sugar also causes bloating and gas.

Fatty Foods

Fatty foods besides being a source of unwanted fats also contribute to bloating as they can delay the process of emptying stomach.
That is why a lot of people feel uncomfortable after eating heavy meals as all that fat and grease marinates in stomach trying to find a way to digest.

Dairy Products

Dairy products containing lactose intolerant can be a big culprit for bloating.
If after eating ice creams or other dairy products, you have stomach cramps, gas, diarrhea and bloating then these are the signs of someone who is lactose intolerant.

Fennel Tea - Bloating Remedy

Even if you are not lactose intolerant, dairy products can still cause your stomach to bloat more than other foods. Fennel tea is very effective for eliminating gas and bloating by relaxing the gut and relieving spasms in the GI tract.