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Lower Belly Exercise

How to build your lower belly with exercise
A number of individuals grumble about their sagging belly when the problem is usually not in the belly. In fact it may be storing more fat in the lower part of their abdomen than the stomach.

You must keep in mind that your stomach starts from your lower rib margins to the umbilical area, whereas the lower abdominal area spans from the umbilical level to the pelvis.

To find the areas in your body where fat is stored, inspect your body in front of a mirror. You will discover that your tummy is actually flat but the area below the umbilicus is sagging. This is the actual problem area.

In this scenario your stomach is not guilty. The culprit is rather your lower abdominal region.
Lower abdomen is a storehouse for fat for a various reasons. Sometimes it is hereditary and it happens to be the place where the body keeps its extra fat. Unluckily fat cannot be directed according to our will and we cannot do much about it.
Sometimes the cause is indigestion. Few people cannot digest their food well, which causes a protruding lower abdomen. Another frequent cause for this sag is IBS or irritable bowel syndrome.
If you feel that your problem is not shortage of exercise or poor dietary habits, you should better get advice from your doctor.

Mend your Dietary habits first

If you want fruitful results you must improve your dietary routine before working on your lower abdomen.
It may be my common sayings now, but I will repeat it once more if you have not gone through other pages on this site.
Without reducing the entire fat content of your body, you cannot just focus on your belly and achieve a slender, trimmed stomach.
Even if you tend to forget every thing said on this website, at least keep in mind the above statement.
You must be ready to assess and alter your diet along with your abdominal exercises.
For more information in this regard look into Fat Burning Tips and Eating Habits pages.
Now we will move on to the exercises of the lower abdominal area.

Double Straight Legged Stretch

I have gone through this exercise on the Pilates page . It is excellent for working up the lower abdomen. You will feel your lower abdomen really toned up just after few repetitions.
To do this exercise:
1. Keep your legs straight while lying straight on your back.
2. Keep your hands behind your head and gradually lift your head and neck off the mat similar to starting a basic crunch.
3. While maintaining your head and neck off the floor, flex your legs and lift them off the floor. Now extend them and point towards 11 o� clock in the air.
4. Keeping the legs fully extended and united, bring them gradually down to about a foot from the floor.
5. Now repeat the cycle by lifting your legs again.
6 Do ten repetitions.
You must actually feel the toned up lower abdominal muscles just after a few repetitions. Once you get used to these exercises, tax yourself with more.

Chair Leg Lifts

This exercise can be carried out with almost any type of office or desk chair.

Sit straight while keeping your spine flat against the back of the chair.

Keep your hands on the seat of the chair close to your thighs or over the desk in front of you.
Gradually flex your knees upwards in the direction of your chest and keep them there for 5 seconds.
Then gradually bring them down till they touch the ground.
Breathe in when you are bringing your knees down and exhale while lifting them up.
You may be able to do a few repetitions initially. There is nothing wrong with it. You will be able to increase repetitions when your abdominals are stronger. Just keep going on.

Pelvic Thrusts

Begin by stretching out on your back, with your knees flexed and arms straight next to you.
Gradually raise and roll your pelvis upwards as you breathe out. To get maximum benefit maintain your lower back fixed to the floor when you tilt the pelvis.
Keep your pelvis in this position for 5 seconds and breathe in as you lower your pelvis back to the floor.
Carry out a total of 4 sets of 10-15 repetitions each with a 90 seconds break between each set.